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About Us

Wéko the mask gatherer is the fruit of the collaboration of two Geneva studios: Simon Da Silva Studio and Robin Haefeli atelier. One focused on programming, the other on visuals, this explosive duo works day and night to develop their first independent game. Simon Da Silva is above all a great perfectionist. Passionate about gameplay mechanics, his experience as a gamer has led him to become a great connoisseur of the technical aspects of video games. As a lead programmer, Simon has analyzed all the greatest hits in order to offer players a unique and thrilling experience.


In parallel Robin Haefeli, renowned for his 3D creations in Geneva, is in charge of the artistic direction of the project; modeling the characters, the maps and the elements that will constitute the world of Wéko. Passionate about discovering art, history and legends, always looking for unique ideas and captivating visuals, these two friends are working hard to make you live an adventure that will transport you to a magical world.

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