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Developed with Unreal Engine 4, " Wéko the Mask Gatherer " is a third person role playing/action game mixing exploration and real time combat. In the style of a 3D action-adventure game, you will be transported to a fantastic world where you will play as Wéko, an adventurer collecting magical masks.

The game takes place in a world that becomes gradually open for the player to explore at his will. The access to certain biomes being blocked at the beginning of the game, will requiring the completion of certain quests.


Throughout the quests, Wéko will receive magical masks that will give him unique powers and abilities useful for the rest of the adventure. In the conquest of the seven primordial masks you will travel and fight enemies in a strange world full of disturbing secrets.


Often inspired by Europe, Japanese film makers and video game creators create fabulous worlds where players and viewers can immerse themselves for hours. We decided to take the same approach, but the other way around, taking our inspiration from Asia while keeping some European features to create a nice balance of nature, colors and lines in the landscape of « Wéko The Mask Gatherer ».


It was important for us to create a unique world with different atmospheres for each maps. Through the art direction of our game it is essential to convey a whole range of emotions.


We are forging  world with a lot of personality and storytelling. Starting in a wide dreamy colorful village you will be transported to dark and gloomy forests to the top of a mountain surrounded by the deep water of the ocean. evolving in our game, you will venture in a world full of dark secrets that will make you shiver !


Throughout the adventure, Wéko will be able to collect and store each mask in his wooden backpack. Working as an energy catalyst, this box contains the energy of the masks. Once placed on the outside of the box, Wéko can use their powers to temporarily acquire their powers.

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